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TBP Certification teaches you a foundational repertoire of traditional Thai techniques informed by a modern understanding of trigger point therapy. Recognized as an approved modality by ABMP and the state of IL.

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"What we get here is way beyond what you can get, really anywhere." Learn a unique modality that will put you at the top of the field.

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Techniques without knowledge are empty. We teach you the neuromuscular effects so you can consistently help clients and charge premium rates.

TBP – Certified Thai Bodywork Practitioner

tbw-page-logoThis is our basic level Thai bodywork certification that can be earned by fulfilling a set of requirements consisting of coursework, testing, documented practice and private work with instructors. TBP certification establishes that the student has achieved a professional standard of practice.

There are several ways to pay for the TBP program – please see our tuition page for details.

The TBP 220-hour professional program ensures that practitioners are adequately trained in a thorough repertoire of techniques, understand basic anatomy and trigger point therapy, and have the skills they need to be successful. TBP Certification serves as the foundation and prepares students for our advanced classes including the Coaching the Body Practitioner Certification (CTBP). CTB classes may also be taken by students who have not yet finished TBP Certification.

In Illinois, TBP certification allows the practitioner to practice Thai massage legally in the state. Each state determines the legal status of Thai bodywork independently. For more information, please visit our legal status page.

If you have questions, we would love to talk to you! Please use the button below to schedule a phone session to discuss the Thai Bodywork certification programs with an admissions counselor.



Requirements for TBP Certification (220 hours)

Course Hours Tuition
Level 1: Thai Massage Fundamentals 20 $490
Functional Anatomy for Thai Massage & Yoga (Online & In Person) 24 $690
Clinical Thai Bodywork (CTB) Fundamentals (Online course) 8 $149
HandsFree Level 1 20 $490
Therapeutic Thai Bodywork: Lower Body 20 $490
Therapeutic Thai Bodywork: Upper Body 20 $490
Repertoire A: Technique Repertoire for the Lower Body 20 $490
Repertoire B: Technique Repertoire for the Upper Body 20 $490
Integrating the Thai Bodywork Practice 20 $490
Herbal Compress & Other Therapeutic Tools 20 $490
Student Sessions (12 sessions)* 18
Certificate Testing Fee $295
Additional Fees
Required Sessions**
2 sessions received from TBI instructors $220-280
3 mentoring sessions given to TBI instructors $480

*For student clinic sessions at Thai Bodywork, students earn $20 per session plus tips. For a processing fee, out-of-town students may make special arrangements with Thai Bodywork to satisfy this requirement.

**Required sessions are paid for separately at current instructor rates. These are typical rates at Thai Bodywork and may vary -- rates in other cities may be different.

Note: These courses can be taken with any Certified Thai Bodywork Instructor (TBI) with current certification for that particular course. They cannot be substituted with hours taken at other schools.

Additional Requirements

2 Sessions Received from Instructors

Certification students are required to receive at least 2 sessions from Thai Bodywork Instructors and Clinical Apprentices. Sessions are generally booked at the instructors' normal session rate. Sessions received at any time before or during certification may count toward the certification requirement.

3 Mentoring Sessions Given to Thai Bodywork Instructors (TBI)

Certification students are required to complete at least three mentoring sessions with Thai Bodywork instructors. At least one of the mentoring sessions must be with the student's primary instructor or Chuck Duff. Mentoring is a key part of the training experience, and provides the student with extremely valuable one-on-one feedback.

Mentoring is a very valuable apprentice-style interaction that allows the student to refine their technique, understand session design and to ask questions and identify areas of growth. We recommend that the first mentoring session be done early in the student's studies (any time after Level 1).

Student Sessions

TBP Certification students are required to complete at least 50 student sessions. These consist of working on clients and getting feedback from clients and instructors.A portion of these sessions may be performed at the Thai Bodywork clinic, in which case the student earns a commission on each session.

Practical Exam

The practical exams are to be scheduled when all other coursework has been completed, including additional requirements. The practical exam consists of a 90-minute Thai session given to an instructor. TBP certification candidates are expected to be able to design a coherent 90-minute session that combines general work with clinical techniques for common specific complaints.

Planning Your Certification

Our TBP Certification can be done as your schedule and finances permit. Please see our Financial Planning page for a range of financial options that we provide to help students pay for their education. We encourage prospective certification students to speak with an admissions counselor so they can fully understand the options available to them.


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