Booking a Session at the Coaching The Body Clinic

We offer a range of session types that vary according to the practitioner's level of training and experience. Our approach to the treatment of pain is unique and very effective, synthesizing the traditional techniques of Thai massage with an in-depth knowledge of western clinical approaches, trigger point therapy and asian medicine. We offer a training program providing 3 levels of certification in this methodology. Our clinical practitioners have all been trained within this program.


Professional Clinical Sessions ($200) are sessions with certified Coaching the Body Advanced or Master level practitioners. These are highly trained practitioners with significant clinical experience who have apprenticed directly with Chuck Duff. These sessions may be attended by apprentices and recorded for educational purposes. 

Clinical Apprentice Sessions ($120) are with experienced students who are well along in their apprenticeship, on their way to gaining their CTB Advanced certification. These practitioners are certified as CTB Practitioners and have significant clinical experience.

Student Sessions ($70) are with students in our basic CTB Practitioner certification program. They have had at least 100 hours of study and are working to gain experience in the clinic.