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Course Description

Clinical Thai Bodywork: Head, Neck & Facial Pain

    HOURS: 20
    CE HOURS: 17
    TUITION: $715

    Prerequisites: CTB Low Back, Sacral, Gluteal & Pelvic Pain Online Course & Exam, Level 1 or equivalent Thai training, CTB Fundamentals; Functional Anatomy Online or in-person or equivalent training recommended.

    Course Description

    The effects of daily migraines on a person's life are truly devastating. We have seen patients literally sob as they filled out their intake forms, and then leave with hope that they have finally found the answer for a crippling pattern of headache pain. I have seen clients with daily pain for decades, having been through pain clinics, painkillers and other treatments with no success become pain-free after a few sessions.

    While not all headaches are due to muscular causes, the great majority are -- and can be easily treated using CTB techniques. Headache pain alone is such an important topic that this one seminar should be on your list even if nothing else right now.

    Dentists are generally taught something about trigger points because facial muscles can cause pain in the teeth that could easily be mistaken for problems requiring dental intervention. Yet, one of my most serious headache cases was an orthodontist who as I was treating him, realized that he actually owned the Travell and Simons books, but had suffered with daily headaches for over 20 years.

    You will learn to treat not only the pain but the perpetuating factors that make it come back, including postural, lifestyle, structural imbalance, faulty breathing habits, and more. You will be surprised at some of the seemingly unrelated issues that can set up these pain patterns. This is a workshop that can truly transform your practice.

    This course focuses on specific applications of Clinical Thai Bodywork, a modality developed by Chuck Duff that blends the techniques of Thai yoga massage with acupoint and trigger point systems and a structural analysis of body function. CTB is highly effective in reducing or eliminating patterns of pain and restriction, often in cases that have failed conventional medical treatment. CTB gives the student specific tools to assess and design effective treatments for the most common client complaints and can be integrated into a mat, chair or table-based practice.

    Clinical Thai Bodywork was designed to bridge the gulf between traditional Thai approaches and modern western clinical environments. The framework of CTB constitutes one of the most efficient and effective approaches available for orthopedic rehab, relief of chronic and acute pain, recovery from injury, and correction of myofascially derived dysfunction.

    This course covers specific, detailed Clinical Thai Bodywork treatments for headache, neck and facial pain, including migraines and other headache conditions.

    Prerequisites: Online CTB Head, Neck & Facial Pain and CTB Fundamentals are required. Functional Anatomy is strongly recommended. About prerequisites: these are for the benefit of the whole class and help us to ensure that our limited time is spent as usefully as possible. The online version of this class contains much of the lecture material required and is integral to understanding the in-person material. We cannot cover basic trigger point info and anatomy in these classes and still have time to cover specific pains and treatments. If you do not have this information, you will be at a disadvantage and will be considered an auditing student. Auditing students are expected to OBSERVE ONLY and keep their questions to a minimum, although are welcome and will still benefit from the material.