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Course Description

Clinical Thai Bodywork: Hand, Elbow & Forearm Pain

    HOURS: 20
    CE HOURS: 17
    TUITION: $715

    Prerequisites: CTB Low Back, Sacral, Gluteal & Pelvic Pain Online Course & Exam, Level 1 or equivalent Thai training, CTB Fundamentals; Functional Anatomy Online or in-person or equivalent training recommended.

    Course Description

    This course covers specific, detailed Clinical Thai Bodywork treatments for elbow, forearm, wrist and hand pain. We cover pain conditions that receive diagnoses such as tennis and golf elbow, lateral epicondylitis, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, cervical radiculopathy, thoracic outlet syndrome, and more. Many diagnosed "conditions" often are actually the result of myofascial trigger point referral and can easily be treated using CTB techniques.

    Clients presenting with forearm and hand pain, numbness, weakness, loss of coordination, tingling, limited ROM and other symptoms are often excellent candidates for Clinical Thai Bodywork. These symptoms are often caused by trigger points, and the the therapist must learn to follow symptoms cascading from long upstream referral chains from muscles in the back and shoulder.

    Prerequisites: Online CTB Hand, Elbow & Forearm Pain and CTB Fundamentals are required. Functional Anatomy is strongly recommended. About prerequisites: these are for the benefit of the whole class and help us to ensure that our limited time is spent as usefully as possible. The online version of this class contains much of the lecture material required and is integral to understanding the in-person material. We cannot cover basic trigger point info and anatomy in these classes and still have time to cover specific pains and treatments. If you do not have this information, you will be at a disadvantage and will be considered an auditing student. Auditing students are expected to OBSERVE ONLY and keep their questions to a minimum, although are welcome and will still benefit from the material.