Coaching the Body

Frozen Shoulder: Very Treatable Using CTB (Part 1)

Understanding the True Origins of Frozen Shoulder Pain Frozen shoulder is a stressful experience for anyone. The term itself is only descriptive, and not a diagnosis as most people assume. The “frozen” aspect refers to an extreme limitation of pain-free movement, but...
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Treating Sciatica With CTB By Addressing Gluteal Trigger Points

Most sciatic pain is caused by trigger points in muscles. Sciatica is the most common lower body pain complaint that we see in our clinic.  It is a description of radiating leg pain, not a diagnosis.  Although most physicians and physical therapists will assume that...
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CTB Certification Undergoing a Transformation in 2017

Bringing Our Amazing CTB Approach to More Students in 2017 One of my most important personal goals at this point is to get more people really good at practicing CTB, the approach to treating pain that I initially developed over a decade ago. I realized a while back...
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Why Does Most Bodywork Fail to Address Pain?

I tried bodywork for low back pain and it failed me As a consumer of alternative medical approaches, massage and bodywork for many years prior to entering the field myself, I found a lot of it to be very disappointing. I tried many modalities, because I was in pain. I...
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Integrating Thai Massage and Trigger Point Training: Clinical Thai Bodywork Program Changes for 2016

We're putting into place some exciting changes that we've been working on for a very long time here at the school, with an eye to teaching Clinical Thai Bodywork from the ground up. I have always found it somewhat challenging to integrate two separate aspects of what...
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Treating Tennis Elbow with Clinical Thai Bodywork

  Amy Carr of TimeOut Chicago magazine came in a few years ago for a treatment. She's a tennis player, and wanted help with a persistent pain issue that had been bothering her for almost a year. Her pain was diagnosed as tennis elbow, or lateral epicondylitis,...
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Ice Your Tissues, Freeze Your Issues – The Illusory Appeal of Icing

Dr. Gabe Mirkin coined the term RICE -- for rest, ice, compression and elevation -- in his best-selling book The Sportsmedicine Book ((Little Brown and Co., page 94)) in 1978. The practice of icing anything that hurts, feels tight, or seems "injured" has gained...
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The Compelling Links Between Pain and Dysfunctional Breathing

"Dysfunctional breathing" is breathing in a way that is inefficient, or at its worst, makes it almost impossible for the diaphragm to work correctly. Most of us give  little thought to breath unless our situation forces us to be more conscious of this semi-automatic...
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Sciatica, Tight IT Bands and Other Non-Diagnoses

Unfortunately, a patient who arrives with a "diagnosis" of sciatica is likely to have no idea as to the actual origins of their pain. Diagnoses can superficially seem reassuring. It seems that having a latin term assigned to one's pain by an expert tends to make...
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Coach the Body Institute

CTBI is devoted to teaching our unique Coaching the Body program. Students come from across the country to learn our world-class pain treatment approach - combining Thai bodywork techniques, trigger point therapy and principles from yoga, martial arts and osteopathy.