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The vast majority of pain cases are due to trigger points in muscles, yet very few practitioners understand how to effectively help people using these principles. We have amazing success in the treatment of pain and we know how to train great therapists.

Learn Bodywork That Works

Our Coaching the Body approach combines efficient techniques from traditional bodywork and osteopathy with a state of the art understanding of trigger point therapy. Learn to understand and treat pain with incredible effectiveness at its true origins.

Study In Person and At Home

We've built a massive library of online courseware consisting of hundreds of hours of video. Study at your own pace at home and attend classes when you're able. Our webinars and membership programs provide a unique opportunity for interactive remote study.

From CE Workshops to Certification

Our flexible, workshop-based program meets the needs of therapists looking for CE as well as those interested in our full professional certification programs. Enroll in our Level 1 weekend today and decide later if you would like to become certified. Financial assistance is available.

Upcoming Classes

Our workshops may be taken individually or as part of a certification program. Some of our workshops are appropriate for new students and have no prerequisites, including Level 1 and Functional Anatomy. All students who wish to complete our program must take our foundational Level 1 training, whether or not they have other bodywork training, as our approach is quite different from other schools.

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26 - 28January

Repertoire B - January, 2018

This class builds the student's repertoire of techniques from traditional Thai massage and other bodywork modalities. We teach the traditional techniques as a means to...
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10 - 11February

Functional Anatomy for Thai Massage and Yoga - February, 2018

This popular course teaches anatomy and physiology in a way that is interesting, practical and relevant to the practice of Thai massage and yoga. Instead...
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16 - 18February

Clinical Thai Bodywork for Hip, Thigh, Knee & Groin - February, 2018

This course covers specific Clinical Thai Bodywork treatments for hip, thigh, knee and groin pain. Pain that appears to involve major joints causes clients great...
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19 February

CTB Hip Apprentice Workshop1 - February, 2018

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02 - 04March

Level 1: Thai Massage Fundamentals - March, 2018

This fantastic training is the gateway to the rest of our program. There are no prerequisites for this course, and students are accepted without any...
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09 - 11March

HandsFree Thai Massage Level 1 - March, 2018

Learn to work on clients in a way that is highly beneficial for you as well as for the client. Asana variations using feet, legs...
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23 - 25March

Therapeutic Thai Bodywork Fundamentals for Lower Body - March, 2018

This course establishes the core principles of working therapeutically in the Clinical Thai Bodywork method. We establish the foundation sequence for working with lower body...
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06 - 08April

Clinical Thai Bodywork for Foot, Ankle and Lower Leg Pain - April, 2018

Foot and lower leg pain can be debilitating and severe, and cause other problems up the kinetic chain due to disturbed gait. This area is...
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The new Coaching the Body Weekly Membership is like an online apprenticeship program. We start from the beginning and send you weekly lessons covering all of the major pain complaints in the body. Includes access to and trainings for the amazing Muscle Liberator™ tool. See our membership page for details.